How to Choose a Seafood Menu in Charleston, SC for a Birthday Party

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Seafood

It is always fun to plan a birthday party for a loved one. However, you should get the menu finalized as soon as possible. A seafood catering Charleston SC company can help make this occasion special.

Number of Guests

Party size is essential when deciding on food and venue. If you have a small group, then you can have the party at home. For a larger group, you may need a lot of space. It helps to determine the number of guests coming to your party.

Choose Food Items

Seafood is a tradition for some cultures. It is on the menu for weddings, family gatherings, and Mardi Gras. It would help if you determined what the “guest of honor” would like to eat. If he or she wants crabs and shrimp, then you should have a crab boil. Seafood menu ideas include fried fish, shrimp variety, oysters, crabs, and red snapper. A seafood catering Charleston SC company can help with planning a menu for your party.

Set a Budget

It would help if you determined how much to spend. A good chunk of your budget will go towards the food and venue. For example, a crab boil is more budget-friendly, then just serving individual lobsters.

Celebrating birthdays allow for creating memories with loved ones. Food is an important part of a party. Your guests want to have a good time. It helps to work with a professional catering company and have experience. Contact Mount Pleasant Seafood at to start menu planning today.

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