How an Orbital Wrapping Machine Can Contribute to an Eco-Friendly Business

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Business

Are you searching for a way to minimize the carbon footprint your company places on the environment? If you are looking for a way to make your business an environmentally friendly business, you should consider the many benefits that an innovative orbital wrapping machine has to offer. Equipment that was designed to help speed up a manufacturer’s packaging process and eliminate the unnecessary waste of materials. A machine that uses an orbital method to wrap the film around bulky or large products provides an efficient way to prepare the items to be placed in storage or shipped out to a customer’s establishment.

Why the Machine is Environmentally Friendly

  • They do not take up as much space in your facility to allow for more machines that can speed up production.
  • An orbital wrapping machine wraps horizontally to lock the product onto a pallet.
  • Banding or straps are not required to secure the wrap around the items.
  • Strengthens the film to prevent the material from being damaged and having to rewrap the pallet.
  • Your products are protected from being damaged by the elements or squashed that can result in wasted merchandise.

Reduce Cost and Protect the Environment

Tab Wrapper Tornado is your resource for obtaining a reliable machine to adequately wrap your products for shipment or storage. You can improve the efficiency of your company by replacing the current method you use with an innovative machine that takes up minimal space. A wrapping machine that is designed to lock merchandise onto a pallet with the assistance of workers. You can streamline your business by investing in their quality machine that uses a conveyor belt to move orders through the wrapping machine. When you increase production without sacrificing how the items are packaged for shipment, you increase customer satisfaction that can lead to a higher revenue.

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