Health for the Under Nourished in India – The Need is Great And Backed by Rotarian Kiran Vora

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Business

In some areas of India, children are not getting the kind of nutrition they need. In fact, in Maharashtra, over forty percent of the young people are suffering from some kind of malnutrition issue. Rotarians like Kiran Vora have helped with programs like “Health for the Under Nourished,” but more help is needed from others.

Movement for Hunger Eradication

A few years ago, The Rotary Club of Bombay Worli (then headed by Kiran Vora) dedicated a day to feeding the children at the Guru Nanak High School in Mahim, Mumbai. The Day was called “Health for the Under Nourished.” This is the kind of action which needs to be taken on a regular basis, and philanthropic groups like the Rotarians need everyone’s assistance.

Widespread Issue with Malnutrition

In Mumbai, a recent government report showed malnutrition at alarming levels. The report covered 7 tribal belts, and the one with the fewest problems still had a little over 27 percent of the young people affected by malnutrition. However, it is an improvement, as in 2012 those numbers were 42 percent higher.

Disturbing Findings from the Report

In some places, entire food groups were missing from daily diets. The report cited a lack of information and local traditions for the reasons. About one-fifth of families did not even own a ration card and could not access PDS. The Public Distribution System has been in existence since 1944 with the intent of providing food to needy families at special rates. Yet, even when people can access PDS, supplies of food are not always plentiful.

Many of the grains people receive are contaminated. Some may contain stones, insects, and other things which are not supposed to be there. Rotarians like Kiran Vora with programs like “Health for the Under Nourished” are making a difference, but there is much to be done.

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