Getting To Know Dr. Pandwe A. Gibson – Founder Of EcoTech Visions

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Business

There are some people in the business that have the expertise, experience, and passion to be an inspiration to others in the community. This is certainly the case with the founder, President, and CEO, Dr. Pandwe A. Gibson of EcoTech Visions in the Green Corridor of Miami.

A Complete Vision

Dr. Gibson developed the idea of EcoTech Visions from her desire to provide an innovative and groundbreaking way for local entrepreneurs and small businesses to move into the green technology sector. She envisioned a place for these underserved ecopreneurs and smaller Mom and Pop companies to develop ideas and solutions using green technology, and then move into research, development, prototyping and even light manufacturing all in the same space.

With determination and passion for her vision, Dr. Pandwe A. Gibson set out to talk to others about her dream of EcoTech Visions. She saw a shared space, an incubator, where a small business could get a start. She also had the idea to work with local communities, particularly poor communities, to help those with a blue collar or minimum wage types of jobs to upgrade their skills and work for those green companies.

Moving Forward

Using her extensive background in starting and growing a highly successful Charter Management Organization in New Orleans, as well as her business background, MBA, MA, and Ph.D., Dr. Gibson quickly found supporters in some of the top businesses and educational institutes focusing on green technology and innovation.

Today, Dr. Pandwe A. Gibson and EcoTech Visions are well established in the Green Corridor, providing a full incubator and maker space that provides a full range of services for ecopreneurs. With over 26,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space, a prototyping lab and full business resources and training, EcoTech Visions have become a leader in helping local green businesses to move from having an idea to marketing their products and services in the industry.

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