Getting The Funnel Cake Just Right

If you’ve been to any kind of carnival, then you’ve probably seen funnel cakes that have powdered sugar sprinkled on them or other ingredients, such as chocolate syrup or cherries. You can enjoy the sweet flavors of a funnel cake at home by following a few simple tips. If you want to prepare several desserts to share with others or for a special event, then consider getting wholesale funnel cake mix so that you have a large amount of batter to work with.

Instead of pouring the batter into the oil, you should use a bottle that has a small tip on the end or a pastry bag with a small tip. An empty ketchup bottle works well for getting the funnel cake design. After getting wholesale funnel cake mix to create several cakes at once, you’re going to want to use a container that’s sturdy and that doesn’t have a lot of give to it, such as a bottle.

Make sure your oil is at 350 degrees before you put the batter in because you don’t want the batter to sit in the oil while it heats. This can make the cake softer than what you want and too greasy. Add baking soda to your batter mix to help the cakes rise. Keep in mind that your batter might be a little thin. This is beneficial so that it can be squeezed through the tip of the container a bit easier. It’s also easier to manage your batter in the oil if it’s a little thinner. After making your funnel cake design in the oil, wait until the cake is golden brown before flipping it over. When you remove the cake, you need to let it cool for a few seconds before adding your toppings, such as powdered sugar or syrup.