Get to Know Mazzer: The Best Grinder on the Market

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Coffee Machine

If you know anything about coffee or coffee grinders, you’ve heard the name Mazzer. Mazzer came out of Italy in the late 1920s, and has only been building a name for quality since. A Mazzer coffee grinder is known to last and perform well. They’re also known for their dedication to the customer, building the best product that only needs to be purchased once. If you’re new to Mazzer coffee grinders, here’s some information on a few of their most popular models.

Mazzer Mini

The mini is their smallest model and the entry level for people who want to try a Mazzer. One of the most amazing things about this model is that Mazzer offers a warranty in which any piece of the machine can be replaced, any time in its life. What makes that so astounding is that Mazzer’s pieces don’t need this warranty because they typically don’t break. Mazzer just cares so much about their customers that they offer this just in case something crazy happens.

Mazzer Super Jolly

The Mazzer Super Jolly is the most popular model. It’s a whopping 32 pounds, where similar products are about five pounds. All of that weight comes from fantastic engineering being pumping into this machine. It has a dosing system that can dose out grounds with extreme precision. This way you can always get exactly the correct amount. This machine is also known for holding up to everyday use at home or in a coffee shop without dipping in performance. It’s a great option for an average-sized coffee shop or home use.

Mazzer Robur

The Robur is one of the biggest and most intense coffee grinding models. It’s the best for high-volume businesses that need lots of grounds right away. It can grind a dose within seconds when you need it. It’s also known for its durability. Many owners of the Robur own it for over a decade without any indication of slowing down or lost performance.

WIth a vast offering of coffee grinders, the Mazzer Mini has been the popular selection for thousands of homes in over 90 countries. Click here for best Mazzer Espresso and Grinders.

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