Etiquette for a Texas Wine Tasting

Etiquette for a Texas Wine Tasting

Taking part in a wine tasting can be a whole lot of fun, whether you are an experienced taster or completely new to the wine scene. It’s a fantastic way to try a few new wines without investing in an entire bottle that you may or may not like. If you are new to wine tasting, you may be curious about what the proper etiquette is. We’ll share what you need to know before visiting a Texas winery.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

While you might be tempted to stick to the sort of wine you normally drink, this isn’t the best idea. You’ll likely experience all sorts of wines, familiar and not so much. You might try something unexpected that you fall in love with. Or you might try something you hate. That’s a part of the experience. Try a few different wines and see what happens. You never know!

Start Out With a Plan

If this is your first tasting at a Texas winery, it can be a bit overwhelming. Having an idea of what you want to do while participating can calm the nerves. This doesn’t have to anything more than deciding you want to try a few red wines and note the differences between them. It will help settle your mind and give you an idea of where to start when the tasting begins.

Tasting Isn’t the Same as Drinking

You might be tempted to simply sit and drink while at a winery but there is a lot more to tasting than that. When you get a wine, take some time to look at the color and clarity of the drink. Swirl the wine and take a sniff to get the first impression of what you’ll be tasting. Take a second sniff and let in the entire aroma and think about what you can glean from it. After that, sip the wine. Let it roll around your mouth, so you can enjoy the texture and taste. Simply drinking won’t allow you to appreciate all of the notes, flavors, and scents put before you.

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