Electricians: Lighting Tips

Electricians: Lighting Tips

If you are considering installing new lights or updating your lighting, you should talk to your electrician. While often you may consult a lighting designer or specialist about design, only electricians can provide you with a professional opinion on what systems are best for your energy use. They can explain to you how best you can light up your Richmond BC home or commercial business.

Five Basic Tips

Lighting is important in both your home and business. When it comes to making sure you achieve the best lighting possible, electricians are enviably positioned to offer their advice. Their basic tips on the subject cover a variety of aspects. They recommend adopting different approaches including:

1. Using energy-efficient, cost-effective, compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs as much as is feasible

2. When the room is empty, make sure to switch off the lights.

3. Installing automatic switch plate occupancy sensors. Dimmers and timers can be effective in ensuring lights go off whenever appropriate

4. Clean lights and fixtures to prevent dirt obstructing the light

5. Make sure you place lamps and other light fixtures where they are most effective at light distribution

These all prove to be effective measures in decreasing energy use. They also ensure effective and efficient lighting for your Richmond BC home. Ask for more information from your local electrician.

Lighting Design and Your Electrician

Talking to electricians and heeding their advice does not mean you are replacing style with functionality. This is not the intent of your electrician. With the current variety of lighting styles and designs, it is possible to establish the right atmosphere and retain a sense of panache while ensuring maximum practicality and energy efficiency in your Richmond BC home. Take the spot and/or task lighting, for example. It can illuminate aesthetically specific items or ensure the ability for you to perform specific tasks.