Does PG Based Nicotine Help You Stop Smoking?

Nicotine is the addictive part of cigarettes. It is the part that makes it difficult to quit. Many try and fail to do so.

The benefits of quitting smoking begin in minutes. However, some people need support to help them achieve their aims. Vaping is one way to make it easier. Some of those who vape use e-liquids containing PG-based nicotine to help them quit smoking. Is this the best choice? We are about to find out.

PG-Based Nicotine Provides a Better Experience for Some

The alternative to this option is to use VG-based nicotine. If you choose propylene glycol, however, it should provide an experience closer to the one you had while smoking. This makes it easier to stick to your new habit, with less chance you may relapse into smoking.

It Is a Better Carrier for Assorted Flavours

Not all vapers like their vaping e-liquids to be flavoured. However, if you do, it is worth trying PG-based nicotine first. This is because the base is better at absorbing whatever flavour you choose. Flavour is a key part of the vaping experience for many. Some vapers take time to try different flavours until they find several they like. If the flavour is important to you, the propylene glycol base could well be the best option.

Stopping smoking is hard. Choosing the best e-liquid base and flavour for you is an important element to think about. Make the right choice, and quitting could be easier than you thought.