Are you considering remodeling your bath?

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Kitchen and Bath

After many years of faithful service, it is not unusual for bathrooms to “become tired” and when they do the homeowner will opt for a bathroom remodeling project. Remodeling baths in Pittsburgh can run the gamut, the project can be quite simple or very complex; it depends on what it is the homeowner wants. Regardless of the approach, the outcome will change the feel and looks, making a trip to this room a pleasure.

The first thing that has to be done when considering a bathroom remodel is to determine what it is that needs to be done. It may be that the room is too small or perhaps the fixtures are dated and in poor condition. In other cases, the objective may be to get more air and more natural light into the room or improve the ventilation. It might also be that the floor is rotted, or there is a major problem with mold and mildew.

When renovating and remodeling baths in Pittsburgh there is very little that can actually done by the homeowner, in the majority of cases it will be necessary to hire a reputable local contractor that has the skill to do the work and to ensure that all the work is carried out to the existing building codes.

If the problem is the size, the bath is simply too small it will be necessary to get additional space from somewhere, knocking out the wall to an adjoining room. This is an ideal time to consider including a dressing area; this area can include cabinets and closets for storage and clothing, a person can step out of the shower and within a matter of a few steps be in the dressing area.

One of the major reasons for bath renovation is because it feels dated or it no longer meets the needs of those who use it. Sure, a minimalist bathroom is tempting, but the truth is; you do need storage so it is virtually impossible to get rid of all the cabinets although old, tired cabinets can be updated, space can be better utilized or cabinets can be installed in places where they are not obtrusive. It is easy to get rid of an old, oversize vanity and replace it with a pedestal sink and make room for storage elsewhere. Baths in Pittsburgh need to be two things, click here to see how they can be beautiful as well as practical.

When remodeling baths in Pittsburgh, it is important to take into account the needs of the family. To discuss how your bath can be remodeled to better suit what it is you need you are invited to discuss the project with the professionals at Patete Kitchens & Bath Design Center.

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