Advantages of Installing a KVM over IP Switch

by | Dec 18, 2015 | Business

Larger corporations and organizations often have their own dedicated networks, called an intranet. The localized network allows the company to connect all the computers together, thus making it easy for all the terminals to share their resources. For instance, a printer can be connected to the local network and all the connected networks can use the printer. Other devices can also be shared over the network. However, every network has an administrator, which has power over all the other nodes. The administrator is able to gain full access to the computer and can make any changes.

You can even gain access to the video feed, keyboard, and mouse of each terminal. In data centers and larger organizations, the administrator usually needs access to all the terminals in order to enter specific commands or make changes. However, computers are generally stacked on top of one another in data centers. Connecting a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse to each terminal not only costs a lot of money but also takes up a considerable amount of space. That’s why many companies often invest in a KVM over IP switch to ease their connectivity issues.

Unlike a standard KVM switch, the KVM over IP switch does not require a separate set of cables in order to connect all the different terminals together. Instead, you can simply use your Ethernet cables in order to connect the KVM IP switch together. This not only saves a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on buying KVM cables, but it also makes it easy for companies that already have established networks. Here are a few advantages of buying a KVM over IP Switch:

They are Affordable

Most people think that the KVM IP switch is tremendously expensive. That’s not true at all. The prices vary depending upon the size of the switch itself. Some switches only provide support for 32 terminals, while there are certain switches that can support up to 512 terminals. If you buy a switch that provides greater support, you will obviously have to pay more money.

Make Your Life Easy

Perhaps the biggest reason why companies generally invest in KVM switches is because they make life very easy for the network administrator. You don’t need to worry about connecting a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor to each terminal every time you need to access a file or make any sort of changes. With a KVM IP switch plugged into the network, you can easily access all the different terminals in just a few clicks. Apart from this, these switches also help save a lot of money which would otherwise be spent on buying keyboards and monitors.

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