7 Tips for an Easy, Stress-free Moving Day

Moving to a new home can sap you of your energy and make for a stressful day. One way to make the day a whole lot easier to bear is to hire a trustworthy furniture movers in Simi Valley. We list here several tips on how to make that happen:


Explore your options. Make a list of moving companies in your area. However, be sure to check if the company is licensed to operate where you are now and where you plan to move, says Real Simple.

Don’t rush

Don’t hurry through the selection process. Otherwise, you could miss out on a lot of essential details. Take your time. Weigh the pros and cons of each one.

Check credentials

Never work with furniture movers in Simi Valley, unless you’ve checked out the company’s history, qualifications and credentials beforehand. That’s one way to make sure you’re hiring the right movers for the job.

Declare everything

Don’t try to scam the company by keeping some items off your list, thinking this will save you on costs. In case anything happens—if those items go missing or get damaged during the move—you’ll end up at a disadvantage.

Separate valuables

Good packing skills can help. You’ll want to separate valuable items from the rest. For your peace of mind, it might be better for you to transport these items by yourself.

Be accurate with the details

Double-check the information you gave your movers. If you’re even a letter or number wrong, that could mean delivery delays which could put you off your moving day schedule and lead to unnecessary costs.

Reconfirm arrangements

Get in touch with the company 2 weeks before to confirm your booking. In case there are problems with the arrangement, 2 weeks can give the company enough time to fix them.

Make sure you put these tips to good use for a stress-free moving day.