6 Ways Custom-Made Shirts Can Help Your Promotional Efforts

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Business

Boring marketing tactics can negatively effect potential sales. Here are a few ways printing custom-made shirts can help in your promotional efforts:

They are functional

People love freebies, especially functional ones. By giving out shirts customized with your logo and slogan, you can spread the word and start building your brand.

They last longer

Another great thing about custom-made shirts is that they typically last longer than most promotional items given out for free, such as paper fans that can easily get lost or a calendar that your customers will throw away once the year is over. A custom-made shirt that lasts longer means more exposure for your business (minus the long-term costs of other marketing tactics) and more reach of your brand.

They are great for contests

The Houston Chronicle suggests holding a shirt-design contest to attract customer attention to your business, and you can use the design later on too! There is nothing better than an improved logo to ensure better results when you market to your target audience.

They are great as prizes

If you are holding or sponsoring events, you may want to think about printing custom shirts and giving them out as mini-prizes during the festivities, as this will help build your brand and business up even more.

They work as uniforms

If you want to promote your business, what better way than to have your own company do it? Give out free shirts and turn your staff into walking billboards. If the design is interesting enough, it could snag their interest, ensuring they go online and check out the products or services you offer onsite.

They are great giveaways

Holding raffles for your employees or customers? These custom-made shirts make for the perfect giveaway.

With plenty of uses for custom-made shirts, you have more than enough reasons to look for a reliable printing service to get them created.

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