4 Tips on Proper Use and Maintenance of Laboratory Equipment

4 Tips on Proper Use and Maintenance of Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory mixers are a crucial part of ensuring results of any tests or processes undertaken aren’t compromised. Here are tips on how to properly care for your equipment:

Routine inspections

Inspections on equipment must be done routinely. Check for scratches or cracks as well as any other signs of damage, says the EPA. These can help you catch minor issues in your equipment, giving you more time to fix the problem and to prevent it from escalating. Routine inspections provide you with real-time status of your equipment as well, letting you know if repairs or a replacement will make for a much better choice.

Be aware of hazards

Know of common equipment-related hazards. Be on your guard, especially if you work with equipment powered by electricity devices used for compressed gasses or those that require low or high temperatures in terms of working conditions. Equipment with rotating parts like lab homogenizers also present possible hazards if you aren’t careful. A moment’s distraction could lead to an accident. Keep that in mind whenever you’re at work.

Discard damaged equipment

In case you find signs of damage, do not hesitate to dispose of your equipment. Invest in Laboratory mixers instead. Damaged equipment will not only compromise or skew those results, it can also lead to accidents as well.

Know handling do’s and don’ts

Do not attempt to handle or operate any of the equipment unless you have the training and knowledge to do so. Improper use or handling laboratory equipment can lead to accidents as well.

Never be complacent with your safety and of those you work with. Ensure your equipment is in good condition. Care and maintenance can help. But if repairs aren’t working anymore, consider making room in your budget for new equipment. Otherwise, you could end up with sketchy lab results that could undermine your reputation and credibility in the business.