3 Mistakes to Sidestep for Better Trade Show Results

3 Mistakes to Sidestep for Better Trade Show Results

Trade shows are an excellent way to increase exposure for your business, reach out to more clients, and expand your consumer base. If you’re making any of the following mistakes, though, you’re less likely to achieve your goals. Here are common mistakes you’ll want to sidestep over when you join a trade show.

Not caring about your display

A bad display can do a lot to hurt your brand and business. People are less likely to put their trust in a company with a booth, display or exhibit that barely stands out. That’s why it’s important to look for excellent exhibit solutions for trade shows in NYC.

Getting booth models

Approachable, professional and knowledgeable staff can increase customer engagement in your brand. These trade shows give you and your team the perfect opportunity to connect with your market and build the right impression. You miss out on that chance when you hire booth models, though. That’s a mistake you’ll want to avoid by using your own team and people to man your booth during the trade show instead.

Using a busy backdrop

Create a memorable booth or display that stands out. That’s the goal of just about every business there. That’s going to be hard to achieve, though, if you fill up your display or booth with an overload of graphic space. That’s going to lead to visual clutter, which can bore your target market, turn them off or send them running in the other direction. When you shop around for exhibits or displays for trade shows in NYC, be sure to use backdrops that get the messaging you want to send across to your audience without the visual noise and clutter.