Selling Laptops to Make a Difference

Computers are one of the few things in life that we make a considerable investment in for at the most 5 years of use before it becomes obsolete.  When the time comes to upgrade to the newer models many people wonder what they could or should do with their old computers. When you are ready to sell used laptops online here are some ways you can end up making a difference:

  1. Donate to colleges: Some places will buy your computer for a small price and then they will donate the computers to colleges and other schools where students who cannot afford computers of their own can use them to take classes and do assignments.
  2. Donate to half-way homes: Centers that help individuals transition from juvenile detention or the foster care system to the real world can also benefit from getting older models for their residents to use as they work on finding jobs, getting more education, and starting their own lives.
  3. Donate to charity: Many non-profit groups will buy older computers for cheap and then sell them to raise money for their causes and special needs. It is a great way to help a good cause and put your older computers to good use.
  4. Sell online for profit: If you want to sell a used laptop online, you can find places that will give you  a decent price for older makes and models whether they work or not. This can be a quick way to get rid of the computer and add a little extra money into your pockets.
  5. Sell for scraps: Some computers are so old they really are not worth much as far as a working computer goes and are actually worth more as scraps and parts. There are places that will buy older computer or even ones that do not work anymore and use them for scraps and replacement parts.
  6. Sell to a third party: Another option that is available to you is to find a third party to sell your computer to. Some places work for a profit and others help give jobs to people in the local community or to support local causes and special interest groups.

Wherever you ultimately choose to sell through, you have plenty of options to sell used laptops online and help support some good causes. To learn more about the process and how much your computer may be worth, contact Sellyt today to get started!