Why You Should Buy Pistols in Louisville KY

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Guns

In a time when guns are often bought online, there’s something to be said for buying a firearm from a local store. This is especially true for pistols. Handguns are commonly used for concealed carry, and knowing that a firearm is a comfortable size and fits the hand well is important. Trying out Pistols in Louisville KY before buying is the best way to feel confident in a purchase. Here are some of the pistols that will generally be available locally.

.22 LR Pistols

For those new to shooting, a .22 LR pistol is a great option. The ammo is cheap compared to other calibers, and after being scarce for several years, it’s now mostly available again. In the past, some of the standard .22 LR pistols were the Ruger 22/45 and the Browning Buckmark, and they remain affordable models that are reliable and fun to shoot. Recently, however, rimfire pistols that are more similar to their centerfire counterparts have become popular, such as the Walther P22 and the Smith & Wesson M&P22. These tend to be lighter weight and are perhaps even better for new shooters.

Compact Models

As more and more people decide to conceal carry, the market for small Pistols in Louisville KY has exploded. Many excellent choices in compact and subcompact sizes are available. Handguns chambered in .380 ACP are especially hot sellers, including the Ruger LCP, the Taurus TCP, and the Sig P238. Slightly larger pistols in 9mm or above are also popular, such as the Glock 43, the Smith & Wesson Shield, and the Springfield XD-S.

Full-Size Pistols

When it comes to full-size pistols, Glock tends to top the list, with hugely successful models such as the 17, and its smaller sibling, the 19. Many other great guns, however, are also on the market. Springfield’s XD series and Smith & Wesson’s M&P line of pistols have both been big sellers. There is also a wide selection of 1911 handguns. Full-size pistols are good options for home defense, and some people like to carry them concealed as well.

When wanting to buy Pistols in Louisville KY, head to a local gun store and handle the models that have the best features at an affordable price. Find out which one is most comfortable, then buy it and take it home to enjoy.

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