Why Is Gated Community Visitor Tracking Important?

Ask residents of gated communities why they live there, and security will invariably be one of the top answers. These exclusive communities have been proven themselves to be safer precisely because they are closed off to outsiders. However, enforcing this rule isn’t always easy — which is why you need a trusted gated community visitor tracking system.

What is a gated community visitor tracking solution?

Not so long ago, visitors to gated communities had to register manually by filling out a logbook. The security guard had to greet the visitor, turn to the registration desk to get their ID, accept the guest’s signature, and instruct the visitor where to go.

Today, residents and associates can issue ePasses to guests, which are then read by a visitor ePass scanning kiosk. They will then be directed using GPS to their desired location. This, in a nutshell, is the role of a security visitor management system — to automate the entry process and make it more efficient. If you are interested in getting a gated community visitor tracking solution, here are three key reasons you should.

Improve control with visitor management software

You can issue digital and analog passes to ensure that only authorized individuals gain entry into the community. Since the passes are 100% unique each time, you can track when they are being used to see if people are using them multiple times.

What’s more, since passes can also be issued digitally, they simply need to pull out their smartphones to register. This feature prevents situations where guests lose physical passes and are stalled at the gate. Even better, you’ll find that when authorized visitors know they are being tracked in the community, they will be on their best behavior.

Quick pass visitor management

Homeowners don’t like to keep their guests waiting. If you’re using an outdated system, it could cause queues at the front gate and an annoying, time-consuming wait for both your security personnel and your visitor. However, with a telephone entry system and a visitor ePass scanning kiosk, downtime is drastically reduced, leaving both residents and their visitors happy. Even better, the security personnel will have more time to attend to other pressing matters. All visitors are logged and screened automatically, keeping manual administrative work to a minimum.

Easy access to data

There are many benefits to having a digital security visitor management system, but the most important one is keeping tabs on visitors. You can store a visitor’s information and then look it up anytime. If a visitor is a regular guest, you can speed up their registration. Mine the data for insights to help improve your operations. For instance, if you see that visitor volume increases at a specific time, you could add more security personnel during that period. Lastly, if a past guest has to be looked up for any reason, you can pull up their record with a simple database query.

Maintaining tight security in gated neighborhoods doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right security visitor management system in place, you can keep out unwanted visitors and monitor each resident’s comings and goings in your neighborhood.

If you’re in the market for a gated community visitor tracking system, Proptia is an excellent choice. Its single sign-on modular software will help you with visitor management, credentialed access, telephone entry, and more. Get in touch with Proptia today for more information.