Why Buying Plays in Pittsburgh on Spotify Makes Sense for Your Band

When you have a band releasing music on such digital platforms as Spotify, it can be very frustrating for potential listeners to pass up listening to your songs just because there is a low play count on the music. What is a struggling young band to do? One solution is to buy real Spotify plays. Here are some of the benefits to choosing to do this.

It Is Fast

It can take you a long time to develop thousands of followers on Spotify. The way the algorithm is designed to work, it may not even occur at all if you don’t already have built-in followers. This means that unless you already have a large fan base, it can be quite difficult to rack up plays on Spotify. It kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? When you purchase your own plays, your fan base develops very quickly which develops into more organic growth for your fan base.


When you decide to buy real Spotify plays, your exposure is almost instantaneous. Instead of taking months or even years for fans to discover your music, fans are treated to your music in a matter of days. This may result in increased music sales for you and may even result in more merchandise sales.

More Money

Obviously, when more people are exposed to your music, there will be more people buying your music. This adds to the bottom line of the band.

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