What to Know About Driveway Expansion Joint Repair in League City, TX

by | May 25, 2021 | Expansion Joint Repair

A lot of property owners tend to overlook the driveway. This happens even though the driveway is one of the most used parts of a property. As such, the surface often becomes worn and damaged. One place where you’re likely to notice this is between the concrete slabs themselves. Yet, there is a good solution to this. You can use driveway expansion joint repair to address the problem. See how to put this technique to use to add some beauty and stability to your driveway.

The Typical Scenario

In most cases, driveways are constructed the same way. Slabs of concrete are poured in a distinct pattern. Next, the gaps between the slabs are filled with wood. Over time, this wood degrades and begins to rot. Not only is this unsightly, it also affects the integrity of the concrete. To address this, you can use driveway expansion joint repair. This process relies on a rubber-like material that fits perfectly in gaps. It is also capable of expanding and contracting to meet the demands of the weather. In the end, it is a more resilient material that will stand the test of time.

Saving Money

All property owners are interested in saving money when it comes to repairs. Driveway expansion joint repair can assist with this. Wood is an expensive material to use. Furthermore, you may find that you have to replace it again in a few years. With expansion joint repair, you can use a filler strip that will be more cost-effective. It is also incredibly easy to install.

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