What Pallet Racking System Does Your Warehouse Need?

In the midst of a pandemic, it’s important that businesses streamline their operations and cut down on unnecessary costs. Improving inventory management in warehouse settings is one way to make that happen. Take a look at the pallet racking that you use for your storage needs. You can maximize your warehouse space and productivity space by choosing the right racking solution.

Consider Long Term Costs

Inexpensive options seem appealing on the surface, but you may be sacrificing quality for cost. A system that is not abuse resistance can end up costing you a lot with continual replacement components. Keep an eye on value instead. It’s more important to choose racking for durability. Abuse-resistance leads to racking system longevity, which in-turn leads to lower long-term costs.

Identify Your Needs

What do you need out of your racking system? When you evaluate options, choose the ones that provide you with the greatest flexibility to fulfill your needs at present and in the future. This will require investing time and energy in assessing available pallet rack solutions before you settle on a selection for your business.

Know Your Products

What are the items that you handle in your business? How frequently do are the distributed and replenished? The quantity as well as size and weight of these items also affects the design of your racking system. By reviewing all your criteria, you can optimize use of your storage space.

Check for Accessibility

Can you use the racking solution with your current forklifts or means of material handling? The type of equipment you use to transfer and move items around in your warehouse will dictate your racking’s design. Think about that when you look for a pallet rack.

Think About the Future

Can the pallet rack be expanded or reconfigured in the future? Is it flexible enough that you can make adjustments and retrofit your current system in case the needs of your business change? Find out.