What Kind of Ninja Gear Did Real Shinobi Use in Feudal Japan?

by | Jul 1, 2019 | Business

In feudal Japan, shinobi were covert agents who used ninja gear to carry out surprise attacks and secret missions. Their tactics of waging irregular warfare were greatly disliked by the more honorable samurai, but everyone agreed that they were a feared and respected class of warriors. In order to remain concealed, many of their tools were disguised as regular everyday items. Most notably, their famous kunai knives were made to look like masonry trowels.

Ninja Knives & Daggers

While ninja warriors were often able to misappropriate a katana from a samurai or daimy? warlord, they usually relied on more modest weapons. Axes, trowels and the predecessors of today’s tactical folding blades were among those in an average ninja’s arsenal. Since these all looked like regular hardware, it was easy to carry them around in a society that strictly controlled access to any form of weaponry.

Kama, which are today more associated with karateka, were also often used by ninja because they are essentially little more than sickles used by farmers. This is actually what made them so popular with Okinawan fighters since many of them were denied access to actual fine steel.

Perhaps more famous, however, are the array of darts and throwing stars that ninja referred to as shuriken.

Thrown Ninja Weapons

No depiction of a ninja would be complete without a prerequisite throwing star, but historical shinobi actually used multiple thrown weapons. In addition to the familiar thrown shape, there are also a number of flat and dart-like blades that feudal Japanese warriors might have used. In many cases, they were actually used to distract or annoy opponents.

Unlike these historical weapons, modern ninja gear is often made from stainless steel that doesn’t require an extensive amount of maintenance. Head on over to Blade City at to score some ninja gear for the modern battlefield.

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