What is a Beauty Salon Suite Concept? The Benefits of Renting

Stylists that are outgrowing the traditional salon booth rental model may prefer working in a salon suite. This concept gives stylists the opportunity to branch out on their own and work with a more lucrative business model.

Be the Boss

For stylists tired of having to work for someone else, the beauty salon suite concept is ideal. Renting a salon suite gives you the chance to be the boss. By renting a suite, you get to set the hours, choose your products, and run your business on your own.

Control Your Customers’ Experience

Every stylist wants their clients to feel comfortable when they come in for a service. Instead of forcing your client to experience the external atmosphere of the salon’s environment, you’ll be able to set the tone for each appointment.

Renting a salon suite gives you the opportunity to choose the decor, select your staff, and create the overall environment. This way, you’ll be able to control every experience that your clients have.

Cater to Your Niche Clientele

If you’re a stylist that has their own clientele, it makes sense to work with them exclusively instead of taking anyone that walks in. Having your own beauty salon suite gives you the independence to work with whoever you want.

Keep the Profits

Stylists that don’t want to give others a cut of the profits should rent their own beauty salon suite. Instead of working as an employee, you’ll ultimately be the salon owner.

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