What does a Wedding Minister Do?

What does a Wedding Minister Do?

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of hiring the right wedding minister. But what does a minister or officiant do? Here’s a rundown of the basics to help you understand just how crucial their role is in the ceremony:

They set the mood

Your wedding minister sets the mood of your wedding. However, not all weddings need to be serious and formal. Your minister can tell an entertaining anecdote about you both that could get the entire audience smiling and in the mood to witness your marriage vows.

They take solemnize your marriage

The wedding minister makes your marriage legal the minute s/he signs onto the document. So make sure you hire someone with the right credentials and who have the proper qualifications to comply with state rules and regulations, says Texas Wedding Ministers.

They witness the marriage

The minister’s signature also means they serve as a witness to your marriage and that you have now been officially pronounced each other’s husband or wife.

Perform a rite or sacrament

A minister can also carry out a rite or sacrament, so long as they are properly licensed for it. Some, though, are limited to preaching and other duties of a clergy. So decide on the type of minister you want and the services you want to include during your wedding ceremony.

Personalize the ceremony

Not all ministers can offer this service. So look for one who can easily customize the ceremony to fit you and your partner’s personality, beliefs and style. A little change in the wording of the terms can go a long way to make your ceremony unique, warm and special.

So take a minute to read through this list to understand what a good minister can bring to your wedding. Then use it as a handy guide to picking out the right one.