Vital Packing Tips for Safely Shipping Your Fragile Items in Georgia

As your business ships fragile items to your customers, you hope that your product will be undamaged when it arrives. Yet, rather than relying on hope, you can take additional steps to ensure your goods arrive in prime condition.

By using corrugated shipping boxes, you will have a secure and cost-effective way to transport goods to your customers. But, to get the full benefits, you must handle them in the right way. Here are packing tips for safely shipping fragile items.

Use Proper Labels

Shipping labels are used to direct package handlers on how to manage your product. Placing the right one on corrugated shipping boxes will alert them if your item is fragile, needs refrigeration, or must be placed a certain way. This is especially helpful with hazardous materials. Your customers will be thoroughly impressed if their fragile items arrive in the way they expected.

Choose the Right Size

When you select the right corrugated box, you want it to match the size of your product. If the box is too large or thin, your merchandise can bounce around, spill, or incur damage. If the box is too thick, you could pay fees for unnecessary padding. Play around with the sizes until you have the right fit and make a note for future reference. That way, you can save time matching the boxes in the future.

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