Vintage Movie Posters are Making a Comeback!

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Art Galleries

Vintage movie posters are a natural choice for home theaters and what home theater would not look well decorated with movie theater decor?

The movie posters were once the lonely poster on a dingy movie theater wall that many people ignored. Teens would sometimes buy them and hang them on their walls at home or in their college dorm. Now vintage movie posters are making a comeback into mainstream decorating thanks to home theater rooms. In fact, some homeowners are using Hollywood themes throughout their entire house.

Movie posters are the most obvious choice for decorating today’s home movie theater decor. You can feature your favorite movies, posters from the all-time Hollywood great movies, or your favorite actors into almost any room. The black and white vintage, classic, and even modern movie posters are very popular for decorating and can make a dramatic impression on viewers.

Consider not only your favorite movies but also what about a theme with your favorite actor, actress or director. In addition to framed movie posters, you could also incorporate Hollywood memorabilia and pictures.

Since movie posters are made of bright colors to draw attention from the public, they make an attractive piece of artwork for your home theater. Just mat and frame the posters and display them in a prominent area. Make them the focal point and add small collectibles from the same era.

The addition of movie posters and collectibles to your home theater is a great way to enhance your home movie theater décor and show off your individual personality and style.

Because watching movies is not complete without the popcorn, why not add a self-serve popcorn machine in your home theater? This is one home theater décor that everyone will surely enjoy. Posts and ropes are also regular features of a movie theater so get yourself this home theater décor if you have a large theater.

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