Should You Use a Short-Term Radon Test on Your Home?

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Business

Today, you would have to have your head buried in the sand to not realize that radon is being found in many homes in America. You would also have to be blind not to realize that radon is causing lung cancer in people who have this gas in their home and that it has been a silent but deadly predator for over 30 years now. The question that many homeowners are asking themselves is whether they should use a short-term radon test on their home. Would a long-term test be better? The answer to that question is below for your perusal.

The Benefits of Short-Term Radon Testing

A short-term radon test is perfect for a quick test to determine what the levels are in your home. The test should take from two to seven days to perform and then you will know whether you need to call in a radon mitigation specialist in order to take care of high levels. Remember, there is no safe level of radon to have in your home, but if it is under a four, then it’s not as dire. If your radon level is a four, then you need to get help right away.

The biggest problem with short-term tests is the fact that they don’t go past seven days and you need to keep up with radon levels for much longer than that. They are also a bit cheaper than long-term radon tests are, but if you have to keep buying the short-term tests, then you truly aren’t saving any money.

This are just a few things you should know about short-term radon tests. Should you use one in your home? Yes, you should if you want to know your radon levels. For more information and further testing, contact SWAT Environmental today.

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