Types of Chemicals Used in Fire Suppression Equipment in Des Moines IA

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Biz Trade News

Fire is one of the most devastating forces of nature. It will destroy everything in its path. The goal of fire suppression equipment is to stop the spread once it has started. These are some of the chemicals utilized in the equipment. With any type of fire suppression equipment, it is important to understand how to use it and which types of fires it is most effective at fighting.

The most common type of chemicals available in Fire Suppression Equipment in Des Moines IA is the use of Carbon Dioxide. Carbon Dioxide is used as a smothering agent for fires. It prevents Oxygen from getting to the fire. Since Oxygen is one of the components of the fire triangle, Carbon Dioxide removes one of these legs. This chemical is widely used because it is compatible with fighting most types of fires including electrical and kitchen fires.

Another common chemical that is usually dispensed from fire hoses is water. Water acts as a cooling agent for the fuel. This agent is commonly used in class A fires such as a trash can fires where the main fuel is paper or wood. However, water is not a recommended agent for kitchen fires or electrical fires. Adding water to grease fires can cause it to spread rapidly. Putting water on an electrical fire may cause the completion of a circuit and result in electrocution.

Sodium Bicarbonate is another common chemical available in Fire Suppression Equipment in Des Moines IA. Sodium Bicarbonate is a non-corrosive substance that works well with several different types of fires. It is sometimes preferred because it is easier to clean up in than other types of chemicals. This type of chemical is often found in kitchens and other places where possible corrosion of equipment is a concern. It is dispensed in almost the same way but is powdery rather than foamy.

These common chemicals are designed to help combat fires and to minimize the damage that can result. With the right type of equipment and knowledge, the fire can be prevented from spreading. Visit the Website to find out which chemical and fire suppression equipment is needed for your environment.

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