Transmission Repair in Chicago – What to Look Out For

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Automotive

Rush hour in the Windy City can put some wear on your car. Everyone knows how essential a healthy transmission is to a smooth-running car – it controls the power system. Understand pertinent warning signs to ensure you give your car’s parts as long a chance at performing their best and avoid the need for a rebuilt transmission Chicago.

Tune into your car

Fortunately, your car gives you plenty of signs in advance worth paying attention to. The first and most obvious sign is how the car feels. Usually, car owners can tell when their car is shifting differently. Pay attention to how smoothly the car shifts gears. If you feel jumping between shifts or even a delay, there may be an issue with the transmission.

Notice whether you hear any sounds when starting your car. No matter the year of your vehicle, you should not hear much beyond the purring of the engine, if that. A clunking or whiny sound is a serious indication that the transmission needs a look.

Next, use your sense of smell to detect any burning. It could be as a result of burning transmission fluid. If you see any fluid leaking anywhere, don’t waste time bringing that to a repair shop’s attention. S-O-S Transmissions can run a check of your transmission for a professional diagnosis.

Preventative maintenance helps

It’s commonly known that regular oil changes can extend the life of your car, but performing a regular transmission flush on your vehicle is highly recommended, as well. The next time you visit your service shop, make sure they assess your transmission. Keeping it clear of gook that builds up over time can keep your transmission running smoothly longer, saving you money down.

Many think repairing a transmission is too costly and not worth the expense, but it all depends on the condition of the parts.

If your car calls for a rebuilt transmission Chicago has options at S-O-S Transmissions. Stop by our shop or use our free telephonic consultation today.

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