Top Benefits of Dip Brazing

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Business

Using aluminum dip brazing, which joins two metals together by flowing a mixture of aluminum and silicon between them, is considered by many to be preferable to welding or riveting. It is a similar process to soldering but uses higher temperatures. According to Hi Temp Brazing, many industries and sectors from Homeland Security to aircraft building use dip brazing. These are just a few advantages of metal brazing and why so many sectors are using it:

1. Minimum Distortion

Dip brazing drastically cuts down on the distortion that can occur from welding as it is easier to fit the two pieces of metal together. According to Samarth Engineering Works, this is because the base metal is not melted at the joint, allowing for a lot more control over the process and a cleaner joint. A distorted weld results in wastage as it usually cannot be used.

2. Flexibility

Brazing’s popularity amongst many different industries is a result of the flexibility it offers. It allows for the joining of different types of metal, materials of different sizes or thickness, and even metals to certain non-metal materials such as ceramics, which is impossible with other joining methods. There are also options to coat or clad a brazed material for protection.

3. Reduced Costs

This is just one of the many areas where metal brazing can save money over welding in most applications, making complex jobs somewhat simpler. Since joints are produced cleanly, there is no need for the costly ground flush, and it results in less wastage. Several complex joints can be brazed in a single procedure, saving time and expenses.

For jobs which require a brazed joint over other types of joining, hiring a professional company which specializes in dip brazing will ensure it is done to a top standard for a fraction of the cost of welding.

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