Tips to Use Frameless Canvas Prints Correctly

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Photo Shop

Canvas prints offer a way to immortalize photographs as works of art. They can also be used to reproduce famous and even original art. Once completed, you frame them and hang them on the wall of your home or office. However, there are other options – you don’t have to go the traditional framed canvas route. Frameless canvas prints offer you flexibility and the chance to have a different aesthetic. How do you use these, though?

Why Go Frameless?

Before we explore how to use frameless canvas prints, we need to understand why someone might go frameless in the first place. Why would someone choose to do this? Actually, there are any number of reasons. One of those is that frameless canvases offer a very different look to framed canvases. They’re less formal and more creative, and can tie into a number of design ethos, as well. There’s also the fact that with canvas, frames do not need glass, so the actual framing process is purely decorative. Canvas does not need the same sort of protection that paper does.

Mix and Match

One of the benefits of going with frameless canvas prints is that it allows you to mix and match with framed pictures or even framed canvas prints. This lets you create an eclectic mix of styles in your space.

Simple and Elegant

With framed art, you have to worry about things like whether the frame will look good with your wall’s color, or with other art hung on the wall, and even with the overall design of a room. With frameless canvas prints, you don’t have to worry about that. They are simple and elegant – easy to hang, and the frameless, borderless art blends perfectly into your wall.

Use Them for Anything

Love a particular photo of the family at the beach and want to immortalize that memory? Want to blow up a particular moment in time with your children? Frameless canvas prints allow you to do all that and more. With a high-quality photograph, you can blow up, edit, zoom in and more, creating dramatic immortalizations of your most cherished memories.

Looking for help exploring your options in the world of frameless canvas prints? ArtDotz would be happy to guide you through the process and explain your options and choices. We invite you to get in touch with us today.

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