Is It Time for New Printers?

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Biz Trade News

Do you sometimes have to wait a long time to print documents or use the copy machine? Maybe the equipment breaks down frequently, and you have to call a repairman or printer maintenance service on a regular basis. Your office could be at a crossroad, and you’ll have to make a decision. Should you continue to repair your machines for another year, or is it a good time to get new equipment for your Charlotte NC company? Let’s examine this issue a little more closely to help you decide.

Signs You Need New Equipment

If you’re having frequent breakdowns, it’s best to go ahead and replace your machines. You can’t afford constant downtime it’s only going to worsen as the equipment ages. Here are some more signs that you need new machines:

  • Print costs are increasing – are you paying more for printing than last year or last month? These costs include “per page” printing and supplies.
  • More complicated repairs – are the repairs getting more extensive and causing you increased downtime? Has the printer maintenance service man showed up so often you’re on a first name basis?
  • No manufacturer support – are your machines so old that the manufacturer no longer supports repairs or software upgrades? If this is the case, it usually means your equipment is outdated.
  • No OS support – do you need to upgrade your operating systems, but the equipment is keeping you from doing this because no drivers are available?

What’s The Solution?

If these issues are familiar to you, consider the benefits of new equipment. Also, if you lease from a reputable print management service, they’ll give you new machines and some of the best printer maintenance service in Charlotte NC. By leasing, you can replace your equipment every three years and never have to worry about outdated machines again.

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