Three Ways Drilling Fluid Can Contribute to a Successful Project

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Safety Products

Do you have an upcoming drilling project? Naturally, you want it to be as efficient and cost-effective as it can be. This requires using the right equipment and supplies. The polymer drilling fluid can add a new level of efficiency to the project. Consider three reasons why many projects are made better with this type of drilling fluid.

Stability When Drilling

As a drill moves further down into the ground, the borehole walls have a tendency to become unstable and start to crumble. Using a drilling fluid made with polymer stabilizes the walls of your borehole so the drill can continue to move downward with precision. This drilling fluid can help you enjoy a drilling project with very few delays and reduce the number of challenging issues that may arise.

Cooling the Drill Bit

As a drilling project progresses, the drill bit naturally heats up as it moves further toward its destination. This variety of drilling fluid is designed to cool the drill bit, so it doesn’t overheat, potentially causing damage to your costly equipment. Plus, it is just another way to keep your drilling project on schedule.

Controlling the Drill Cuttings

As a hole is drilled, there are cuttings that arise from the drill’s progress through the earth. These cuttings can get in the way of the project and slow it down. However, using this type of drilling fluid moves the cuttings out of the way so the drill can make its way down as far as the project dictates. Pushing away the drill cuttings means a project can continue to progress on schedule. Finally, using polymer drilling fluid can help make your important project all the more efficient and effective.

If you have a project that demands polymer drilling fluid, get in touch with the experts and suppliers at Build It Right in Addison, IL, and Groveport, OH.

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