Three Reasons to Consider Eyebrow Microblading in Las Vegas, NV

Are your eyebrows looking sparse? The big brow look is in, but not everyone has the genes to rock it. Fortunately, you don’t need to be blessed by Mother Nature to have a beautiful set of full brows. Here are three reasons to consider enhancing your eyebrows with microblading.

Save Time

Kiss that pencil goodbye and wake up with perfect brows every morning when you visit a salon with microblading certification in Las Vegas, NV. Use your new spare time to get an extra 15 minutes of shut-eye, catch up on the news or prepare a healthy breakfast.

Results Last up to Three Years

Although microblading results are long-lasting, they’re not forever. This is good news for those who are hesitant to make a permanent change. Duration varies depending on factors like lifestyle and techniques used. When your microblading wears off, you can choose to have it re-done or go back to your natural brows.

It’s Safe and Painless

When you choose a salon with microblading certification in Las Vegas, NV, you don’t have to worry about pain or infections. Your licensed esthetician will use a numbing ointment and follow strict safety procedures to make getting your new brows a breeze.

If you’re ready to spruce up those thin brows, Amanda May Beauty offers state-of-the-art advanced microblading techniques in a stunning environment that features sparkling crystal chandeliers, carved mirrors and vintage-style seating. View a full list of services online.

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