The Difference Between Kennel Services and Home Boarding

Dog lovers in New Jersey know that one of the hardest things about pet ownership is what to do when you have to leave town and cannot take pooch with you. The first instinct may be to ask your friends, neighbors, or relatives for help. While the people you know can help in a pinch, it is always a good idea to know what kennel services are available in your area.

Kennel services offer professional dog boarding, run by professionals who create a safe space for your pet while you are away. There are several differences between kennel services and home dog boarding.

One main difference is that kennel services tend to be more reliable overall. A friend or family member is doing you a favor by watching your dog, but can easily forget to follow all your instructions. When you use a kennel, you are paying someone to take care of your pet, which makes a huge difference in the overall standards of care.

Second, home boarding means your dog is still surrounded by familiar toys, smells, and sounds. At a kennel, your dog can have some toys or familiar items like blankets but could become anxious or depressed in a new environment. When they first enter the kennel, your dog might initially not like being away from the comforts of home, but remember, even when people come to your house to take care of your dogs, their daily routine will be disrupted.

Both home boarding and kennel services should allow you to stay in touch with the people watching your pets. While you might be able to save a little money leaving your dog at home with a friend or family member, a kennel is usually a safer and more dependable option.