The Battle To Become Pretty: Airbrush Makeup Vs. Traditional Makeup, Dallas

As every industry evolves, introducing more products, the beauty industry follows closely with the introduction of airbrush make-up. While a number of people are still trying to adapt to the use of this new make-up advancement, we always get questions asking about its pros and cons. Should you ditch the traditional make-up on your dressing table and start shopping for airbrush makeup Dallas? Let’s find out.

Lasting solutions

In all honesty, both airbrush and traditional make-up are designed for all-day wear. However, even without added touch-ups in between the day, airbrush make-ups are likely to last longer than their traditional counterparts.


Generally, traditional make-up is thicker and mostly recommended as a foundation for covering up acne, dry skin, fine lines, and other facial abnormalities. On the other hand, airbrush make-up is too thin to be used as a concealer. Many make-up artists recommend airbrush make-up on flawless skin or for a fine finish after a traditional foundation. It’s possible to put both types of make-up to use. Your make-up artist will take a good look at your skin condition and advise best.


Due to the technology used in making airbrush make-up, you would expect it to be relatively more expensive compared to traditional make-up. To learn more about airbrush makeup, follow our Instagram page.


We all know how embarrassing it is, showing up with a multicolored face to an occasion because you got caught up in the rain. Traditional make-up will do that for you. Thankfully, airbrush make-up is lightweight, long-lasting, water-proof, and suitable for use in all seasons. Although it needs great power reinforcement, it will hold through the extreme heat, sweat, and rain with a few touches.

So, traditional or airbrush makeup Dallas? Both are excellent choices depending on your needs, budgets, and tastes. Call us now to book that face beat session and let us turn you into a princess.