What Technologic Radiologists Should Know About ARRT Continuing Education

What Technologic Radiologists Should Know About ARRT Continuing Education

Continuing education for health care professionals is a requirement. The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) says the process ensures that healthcare professional remains qualified in their fields. By getting ARRT continuing education credits, they can stay on top of new developments in their professions, ensuring that they provide patients with the best possible care.

How many do I need?

As a radiologic technologist, you need to earn 24 credits every two years. Failure to do will cause problems for your license. Also, be careful not to go over the number of courses you take for those two years since any courses in excess won’t get transferred to the new biennium period.

Can I repeat a course?

In 2016, the ARRT revised its guidelines and allowed technologists to repeat a CE activity. That’s a handy piece of information you’ll want to keep in mind when you check out the range of credits for ARRT continuing education that you can take.

What do I do if I receive an audit letter?

That just means you will need to provide proof of your CE completion. Send over copies of your certificates the ARRT, along with the completed audit form to address the letter. If there are any discrepancies, expect the ARRT to get in touch with you.

What if I don’t respond?

That’s not a wise move to make. If you don’t respond to the request, the ARRT may discontinue your registration. You may also need to have your license reinstated. Avoid all the stress and hassle of having to fix those problems by answering the audit letter in the first place.

What if I don’t fulfill my CE requirements?

Your license will be changed to a “CE Probation status” until such time that you complete your CE requirements. You will be given six months to undertake the task.