Studies Indicate that Virtual Office Rental in NYC is Part of a Growing Trend

Businesses around the globe including New York City are taking the easy way out when it comes to office space, they are opting for virtual office rental in NYC and around the world. This trend has grown exponentially and may be a sign of the times. Small business owners and startups are moving along cautiously even though it has been quite a few years since the great recession and you can’t really blame them.

The Numbers
Office rental space around the world in the major markets all have one thing in common, they are expensive. The fact is that new business owners, startups, contracted agents and other small businesses are not willing to take the plunge and lay out thousands of dollars up front and must carry the burden of a monthly lease payment. Virtual office rental has proven to be the happy medium for these owners. They get a great address, great office support if they choose and peace of mind knowing they can work from where ever they are and have a steady address for a lot less. Many business owners report it is all about the savings. Some owners did the math and thought that they would never be able to afford to lay that kind of money out right now, and then they found their solution in virtual rentals. It just makes more sense.

The Right Provider
The key to a successful arrangement lies in choosing the right provider. The right provider offers:

  • Flexible affordable terms
  • Added value services
  • A highly sought-after address
  • Friendly support

If you are in NYC there is a lot of buzz about Sage Workspace NYC. Sage provides the customizable flexible options that small business owners find perfect!