Solar on a Tiny Home

Tiny homes have been rapidly growing in popularity lately. It seems that the Tiny House Movement (as it is “officially” dubbed) is taking over the world by storm, and for good reason. These homes are unique, eco-friendly, and very efficient, especially compared to a traditional home.

While tiny homes are already cost-efficient, some people may want to cut costs even further and live in a truly minimal and environmentally-friendly way. For those who are looking to further cut their costs, opting for a solar panel energy system in NJ may be the perfect option. Let’s take a brief dive into this topic.

Things to consider

If you want to switch over to a solar panel system for your tiny home, the first consideration to keep in mind is whether or not your home is grid-connected. Some homes may be off-grid instead, especially in the case of mobile homes.

If your tiny home is on-grid, then there may be a few limitations in terms of what financing options are available for you, as a majority of solar finance companies prefer (read: require) that you own the ground space underneath your home. This issue mostly comes up with mobile homes, although other home types/locations may experience this issue as well.

If you do happen to own the ground space underneath your home, however, you’ll have a much easier time finding financing for your solar energy system.

However, an increasing amount of tiny homes are being built off-grid. In this case, a solar battery back up solution is the better answer.

What is a solar battery back up?

A solar battery back up is a nifty little solution that will give you power regardless of whether the grid is up or down. You essentially store energy harvested from the sun in a solar deep cycle battery, which is then available for you to use whenever power is needed.

Although this system is different than a standard solar battery back up set up, it still requires similar equipment, such as solar panels, batteries, and a charge controller. Green Power Energy provides some of the best solar battery back up systems in New Jersey and beyond.

The best solar option for your home

If you want to set up a solar energy solution for your tiny home, then arguably the best solution would be a Tesla Powerwall. Powered by Tesla’s advanced engineering, this solar battery back up will provide energy for your home for week’s on end – regardless of whether you’re on or off-grid. Green Power Energy is a certified dealer for Powerwall and can help you with installing your new solar energy system for your tiny home in New Jersey.

Since a tiny home is typically very small in square footage, however, it may make sense to opt for a DIY solar solution. Of course, this may take a little more work and research, but it is still a viable option for your home. We have several solar battery kits available online for you to browse through.

If you live in a tiny home in New Jersey and are looking for an economical energy solution, a solar battery back up may work for you. Contact Green Power Energy in New Jersey to see if a solar solution makes sense for your home.