Snag a Deal: Buying Tips When You Buy a Used Car

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Ford Dealer

Buying a used car is a sound decision. But it does come with a few risks. You’ll want to follow these tips to keep from driving the wrong unit home when you pay a visit to a used Ford car dealership in Clinton TN.

Know the costs

You’ll need to count the costs, even when you decide to buy a second-hand car. Owning a car comes with repair and fuel expenses as well as insurance costs, the Deal News says.

Inspect it

A car might look like a winner outside but be a lemon inside. Check it carefully for damage. Hire an inspector if you’ve already got choices picked out. With a pro to help you assess which car best hits the mark—or gets as closest to it as possible—you won’t have to worry about making a costly buying mistake.

Ask for the pre-certification report.

Ask for the paperwork for the pre-certification of the car. Hold on to it since it will come in handy for future problems. A reputable used Ford car dealership in Clinton TN won’t have any problems handing this one over.

Go for a test drive

Some dealers might offer you an extended test drive and allow you to take the car back home. If you buy a car without taking it out for a ride, you could miss out on critical details that point to signs of serious problems. That’s why it’s wise not to skip this step.

Ask about the repairs

What kind of repairs did the dealership carry out on the car? A round of service repairs could be a good thing since you won’t need to spend on repairs any time soon. Just make sure the repairs aren’t hiding anything. For instance, a new paint job might be hiding structural rust. Be on the lookout for that when you choose a car.

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