Simplified Guide on HECM for Purchase in Mahwah, New Jersey

by | Nov 11, 2016 | Financial Services

HECM for purchase in Mahwah, New Jersey is a program that allows people aged 62+ to acquire property that is more suitable for them. It gives them an opportunity to live somewhere closer to their family, certain services, a one-level house, an active adult community, etc. It also allows them to reduce their monetary commitments and thus retain more money as retirement savings. It is also an opportunity to avoid taking money from taxable retirement and instead get it from the down payment without having to pay taxes. They can keep their money in investment programs and allows it to continue growing.

How It Works
The money is sourced from a down payment that is combined with what is obtained from a reverse mortgage. The down payment can be made from the sale of another residence, bank account or proceeds from a business. With the agreement to pay the bank after leaving the house permanently, homeowners will not be required to make monthly installments. They legally maintain ownership of the house.

Calculating the Down Payment
Three factors are used to determine the down payment made:

• The age of the youngest applicant – All applicants must be 62+. Older applicants qualify for more money than the younger applicants.

• Existing interest rates – The calculation will be based on current market conditions.

• Buying price for the new property – The lender considers the price quoted for the new property.

There are online calculators that will provide an idea of how much homeowners will be required to pay as down payment. However, the figures are just estimates and are not to be believed always. Talking to a real agent would provide the accurate figures.

Conditions for Living in the New House

Homeowners own the new house as soon as they have closed the deal. It is mandatory that they live in it as their primary residence. Otherwise, they will lose ownership or be in breach of contract. Here are other conditions to fulfill.

• They are required to occupy the house within six days of closing the deal.

• The undersigned are at liberty to live in the house as long as they wish. The death or departure of one partner does not affect the other unless there is breach.

• Must notify the real estate agent of the details of the purchase.

The sensitivity of dates demands that homeowners be specific and careful, and ensure that proper documentation is done. They must work with a consultant or a pre-underwriter to put their documents in order. It increases their chances of getting approval while at the same time eliminating unrealistic expectations. By engaging reliable HECM for purchase in Mahwah, New Jersey, homeowners will make the best decision.

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