Setting Up An Unforgettable Exhibit

When you attend a trade show to advertise your business, you need to create an exhibit that people are going to remember. If your exhibit has the same features as every other business, then it’s not going to be one that people are going to want to stop to look at as it will likely be passed over for one that is one of the custom rental exhibits featuring everything from lights to sounds. A component of a good exhibit that stands out is interaction. Talk to people. Set up a backdrop that features the products that you offer from your business so that people can clearly see what they are going to get instead of giving out a piece of paper or a card.

An interesting exhibit is one that looks like the inside of your office or business. It doesn’t have to be on a large scale. It simply needs to establish what customers will see when they arrive, such as the colors and the images on the walls. When you’re looking at custom rental exhibits, you need to think outside of the box as this is what will usually get you farther than if you were to use a plain background and one that only features the name of the company along with a few basic details.

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your exhibit. Play music, use a mascot, or show a video that will get people engaged so that they don’t forget what they see and so that they want to stop by your booth. You custom exhibit should also feature something that others don’t have at the show, such as a fountain or a wheel that people can spin to try to win a prize. Another option would be to stream the event so that those who can’t attend can view your booth along with those who are present.