Secure Card Access in Bowling Green, KY

Security for many people is incredibly important. There are three major areas that people wish to remain secure: commercial, industrial, and residential. Each area has a variety of means for procuring this security. Commercial and industrial businesses may have guards, security gates, and cameras. Residential areas may have cameras and keypads where an alarm code can be punched in to access or lock the residence. Though the means of security may differ, all endeavor to protect the owners, occupants, and property.

One of the most popular methods for commercial security is the implementation of Card Access System. There are a variety of key card types including proximity cards, biometric cards, and magnetic cards, to name just a few. When searching for businesses that provide Card Access in Bowling Green, KY it can be helpful to learn about the types of cards before proclaiming a business’ service. Proximity cards use a circuit that the installed reader reads in the card after the electrical field excites the coil in the card, allowing the door to open or close. Biometric cards compare the template stored in the device’s memory to the scan obtained during the identification process. Magnetic cards use a strip of magnetic oxide tape that is laminated on the card for identification. Typically, there are three types of data embedded in the stripe, the likes of which help the reader identify the card holder. This form of access is the most widely available because it is the cheapest.

One such example of a business that provides card access in Bowling Green, KY, is Sonitrol. This company can be found at This company offers a free estimate and analysis of the site in question. Prospective clients must simply call to schedule an appointment for inspection.

Other services for this company include remote station monitoring, touch key systems, and small fire systems. However, the card access systems are among the cheapest which increases profits for all businesses. These cards provide excellent service when controlling any entries. If commercial owners want to prevent access after a door has been opened, they may choose to use a different method of security. Nevertheless, this option is best for starting businesses. For more details, contact Sonitrol or visit online today.

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