Is Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy Focusing on The Right Keywords?

Is Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy Focusing on The Right Keywords?

Many businesses in Atlanta have websites that were completed years ago either as do-it-yourself templates or through professional website design and development services. Many of these websites look outdated, but all have problems with search engine optimization if they are more than a few years old.

The same issues can occur with search engine marketing (SEM). This is the process of buying specific ads using keywords that can be linked to your website and drive traffic. By driving traffic to your website, you increase visitors, build a customer base and, as those customers continue to return, you can develop a higher ranking in the organic search results.

Additionally, with use of search engine marketing, you are targeting your advertising dollars to potential customers already searching for a specific item, good or service. With this focused audience and quality landing pages and website experience, conversions increase and so do profits.


Knowing what keywords to purchase is essential for any Atlanta business interested in paid search marketing. Using the wrong keywords leads to few, if any, clicks on the ad by customers. If keywords are misleading or not relevant to your website, there is a high bounce rate and low conversions, which ends up costing you money with no return on your investment.

Keywords need to be relevant to your goods and services but also the words used by your target audience. As you buy the keywords for the search engine marketing ads, making wise choices increases your ad buy for the given budget.

SEM companies are instrumental in helping marketing manager and business owners in choosing the right keywords for these paid advertisements. Experienced SEM consultants research keyword use, alternative words use as well as common words used by consumers searching for products and service like the ones you offer.

From this information, they can advise a business owner on the ideal keywords to buy and how to effectively structure their landing pages for optimal conversion rates.