Research: A Secret Weapon of Recruiters

Many companies dread hiring new employees. If an employee leaves, filling the vacancy may bring up several roadblocks. Recruiters, hiring managers, and business owners can find too little time, few quality candidates and not enough fresh thought about hiring good people. The best staffing and search firms may require expensive contracts to help solve these problems. In response, some companies may be turning to recruitment research as a cost-effective strategy, bringing in high-quality information without purchasing extensive services or contracts.

By delegating the sourcing component of hiring to a dedicated research team, hiring teams may gain access to exclusive information, generated by trained research associates. Research products can range from spreadsheets with direct dial telephone numbers, email addresses, company relationships, and responsibilities, to individual write-ups about targeted candidates.

Accurate Research Promotes Timely Responses

When purchasing the research, hiring teams can specify its parameters, such as screening against a number of requirements or name generation in the form of a spreadsheet or organizational chart. Many research firms provide 2-day turnaround, and some even provide same-day service for information verified that day. Many of these research firms train their associates in “veiled” research, where they may use telephone, Internet and other tools to produce high-quality information while keeping the inquiring company’s name and identifying details confidential.

In a traditional staffing or search relationship, the point of value might be seen as an individual person qualified to fulfill a predetermined job description. In fact, many businesses in a fast-paced economy may find it critical to respond to the market without renegotiating a staffing contract or incurring extra expenses each time business needs change. A straightforward research purchase can give companies the flexibility to tailor their actions as business scenarios change.

Up-Front Payment Increases Options

Once the scope and details of the research have been decided, the data can be generated, verified and delivered on the day of verification. When the hiring team completes the purchase, the information may be used at the discretion of the purchasing company. Although a seemingly small detail about the business relationship, it may become more important if the hiring team’s needs change. An accurate snapshot of a specific time may give the purchasing company vital intelligence that could change the hire or even the competitive strategy.

In a tight talent market, recruiting and hiring teams cannot afford to be sidetracked by traditional roadblocks to great hires. Using dedicated research firms, many companies can leverage their competitive power by adding recruitment research to their hiring arsenal. Visit for more information.