Reduce Your Utility Bills With a Tesla Powerwall in Fort Lauderdale, FL

A Tesla Powerwall in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a way for homeowners to store solar energy and use solar power as backup power. Homes with solar panels have access to solar energy during daylight hours. They have to use electric power from the grid when it gets dark. They cannot use either source of power in the event of a grid outage or storm. The Powerwall is the solution to this problem. You can install one Powerwall or multiple walls as needed to handle your energy requirements. The Powerwall contains a built-in battery inverter and can be accessed via app from anywhere. This wall can detect a grid outage and convert your home system to stored solar energy nearly instantly. Some homes can power a television, outlets, lights, refrigerators, appliances, computers, washers, and vehicle chargers with one Powerwall. Other homes can hook up a Powerwall to essential items only.

The Powerwall is installed near the main electrical panel. The solar inverter, vehicle charger, and utility meter are typically right next to it. You will have a backup gateway added to the electrical area near the Powerwall to manage the new system. Some homes may add an extra gateway panel if they are only connecting the Powerwall to essential loads. Many homeowners can get an assessment over the phone to see if a Powerwall setup will help them. A specialist can also come out to your house to assess your solar situation. The Powerwall installation process is usually one day. Your Powerwall is expected to last approximately 20 years with normal use. To learn more, visit Advance Solar.