A Recycling Service in Baltimore Would Appreciate Getting More Aluminum Cans

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Recycling

It’s called the demographics of garbage: the results of research conducted by trash collectors and pollution control organizations that go through piles of waste and determine how much recyclable material is being sent to landfills. Some of this material is organic and could be composted, while items made of plastic or glass should be included with the municipal recycling pickup. Metal objects could be brought to a Recycling Service in Baltimore in exchange for cash.

The Ease of Recycling

Researchers tend to feel astounded at the amount of recyclable materials they find in garbage, especially since recycling has become relatively easy and people would get paid for some of the items. Even individuals who don’t care about the environment or are skeptical that recycling actually is worthwhile can easily keep recyclable materials in a container separate from the trash instead of combining them.


Researchers estimate that some 40 percent of things routinely thrown in the garbage could be recycled. Of course, much of that is food waste that cannot be handed over to a recycling service in Baltimore.

However, they have discovered that U.S. residents throw millions of pounds of aluminum cans in the trash every year, which is troublesome since those items are so valuable to manufacturers of products made with aluminum. This metal retains its inherent qualities and allows manufacturers to avoid the expense of buying new metal from mined ore.

Recycling Aluminum Cans

Even if these individuals don’t want to bring aluminum cans and other aluminum items to a facility such as Mid-Atlantic Metals, plenty of people and charitable organizations would be happy to have those objects. Aluminum cans are always in demand and prices tend to range anywhere from 25 cents to 40 cents a pound, depending on the current market.

Perhaps a person who has been avoiding recycling might give the cans to some kids he or she knows or bring them to a beloved charity. Then, it’s time to make a pledge to take the easy step of separating plastic, glass, steel cans and paper from the garbage. Contact us to learn more about metal recycling.

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