Reasons for Starting a Marriage Ministry in Your Church

Starting a young married couples ministry in your church in Jacksonville has plenty of benefits for everyone involved. The great thing about these ministries is they are perfect for all married couples. Some couples think they don’t need to attend a marriage ministry if they are perfectly happy, but the reality is these ministries can greatly impact your marriage in a positive way. Here are some of the best reasons why you should create a young married couples ministry in your church.

Stronger Marriages Create a Stronger Church

A young married couples ministry will undoubtedly create a stronger bond between couples. In turn, they will become more involved with the church to help create a stronger community. Involvement and participation is critical for the success of any church, and a young married couples ministry can help.

Creating Service Opportunities For Couples

Young couples could volunteer their services for a great cause and to help others. Not only will they feel a sense of belonging, but when couples work together for a common purpose, their bond will strengthen significantly. Giving couples that opportunity is priceless.

You Could Save Marriages

Some couples could attend a ministry because they are having marriage problems. By hosting different events, you could help them identify and work through their issues to potentially help them save their marriage.

Regardless of the reasons why you would want to start a marriage ministry, there are plenty of other people who have benefitted from them in the past and need them presently. You could make a big difference in your own marriage and the marriages of other couples by becoming involved.

To learn more about young married couples ministries, or how you could start one on your own in Jacksonville, visit the Southpoint Community Church website or call 904-281-1188.