Questions to Ask Before You Seal Cracks in Your Concrete

Sealing cracks will help you keep water and moisture out, the Family Handyman says. That’s going to prevent cracking and eroding in your concrete.

Why it matters?

Cracks and gaps can be unsightly. But more than the visual problems they present, water can easily find its way into those cracks and gaps. That worsens those minor issues, makes the cracks a bigger and eventually leads to foundation problems. You can prevent all that by using a sidewalk caulk expansion joint.

Can I DIY it?

You’ll need tools for the project. A caulk gun, for one, is going to be necessary. You’ll need to determine the right joints for the project too. If you don’t have the proper tools or equipment, though, it may be best to look for pros to do this for you. Look for suppliers that offer installation help. That way, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes that could do more harm than good. You can count on pros to handle the work for you.

Which expansion joints should I pick?

Keep in mind that you need to figure out the width as well as the depth of the joint. Start out by checking the depth of the caulking. The figure you come up with should be half the width. That way, you can shop for sidewalk caulk expansion joint options with excellent flexibility.

Where do I shop?

When you shop around for good expansion joints, check out options carefully. Which solutions prove effective? Which products are sold by reputable suppliers? Does the firm offer installation assistance? Ask these questions so you have a clear idea of the bigger picture involved. That’s going to help you make a sound decision on the matter.

Don’t let cracks and gaps compromise your home and foundation. Put in expansion joints to keep moisture and water away.