Protection Through Vehicle Notary Services

Protection Through Vehicle Notary Services

Throughout Pennsylvania, vehicle title transfers are notarized. This is the same in many other states, and it does serve a very important service for both the buyer and the seller. Even in states where a notary is not required for a title transfer, many buyers and sellers request this extra step to provide added protection throughout the transactions and after the title transfer.

In Philadelphia, PA, auto tag and vehicle title transfer services can be managed through an authorized PennDOT agent. This is a company that meets the state standards and requirements, including implementing all legal duties and protocols to complete these services. These agencies typically offer vehicle notary services since this is required in the state.

What Vehicle Notary Services Provide

A state-approved notary can act as a vehicle notary. These individuals must complete training and pass an exam and meet all requirements for registering with the state and their local county. They take an oath of office and must have a surety bond on file.

The vehicle notary in Philadelphia, PA, will verify the identification of both the buyer and the seller. This protects the buyer by ensuring the person who is selling the vehicle is the legal owner on the title. The seller also has peace of mind in knowing the title transfer has been completed to the buyer and there are no further obligations from their perspective.

To use vehicle notary services, anyone providing a signature on the document must appear in person, sign in front of the notary, and provide valid and authorized identification. The notary will not notarize the title transfer if this information is not provided or if the type of identification is not recognized by the state.

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